Last weekend we were invited to the hot air balloon festival across the river in Iowa.  Tom had to work, but Brendan and I packed our blanket and headed out around dinner time.  He LOVES to be out and about so he was pretty excited about it, although I’m not totally sure he knew what a hot air balloon was. DSC_0066-001   DSC_0067-001 DSC_0068 He loved it.  He hit me up for an ice cream as soon as we got there.  As it turned out, that huge ice cream sandwich was his dinner.  Hey, you’re only a kid once. DSC_0069-001 Hi Lilly! DSC_0071-001 DSC_0073-001 He really was enthralled.  I was impressed! DSC_0078-001 DSC_0083-001 He had to get just a little bit closer to the action. DSC_0086-001 DSC_0087-001 Once the balloons took off, we wandered around the orchard to check things out.  Of course that meant hitting the playground. DSC_0095-001 Note to self:  next year dress him in old clothes and tennis shoes, NOT flip flops. DSC_0101-001 DSC_0112 DSC_0115 DSC_0122-001 DSC_0123-001 OF COURSE he had to climb to the top of this dirt/tire pile.  See him? DSC_0125

And jumping off of it was the best part.


He got a little tired but we had to hang in there for the “glow.”


The balloons returned and their pilots would fire them up.  The catch was that everyone had to shout, “5-4-3-2-1 GLOW!”  Brendan was good at it.



Once they all got back they let us onto the field to see the balloons up close.  We walked around collecting balloon cards (similar to baseball cards).  One guy even let kids get in!


The highlight of his night, for sure.


He loves to carry his balloon cards around with him.  He put them on his bookshelf at bedtime the other night.  Somewhere around 5 a.m. he got in bed with us.  As I snuggled him something poked me.  It was those dang cards in his hand.

He has since been talking about balloons constantly.  He found balloons in one of our kitchen drawers and just had to have some blown up.  Dad taught him this neat trick.


It was a blast and we want Daddy to come with us next year!

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