Memorial Day Weekend

Over this four-day weekend we aimed for one fun outing each day.  Brendan got first choice – the “choo choo” museum.

Another day we saw “Epic” at the movie theater, which was a much better experience than the last time we went to the movies.

We were supposed to have a babysitter Sunday so Tom and I could go on a date for my birthday but she cancelled at the last minute.  So we headed to downtown Omaha instead.  Our intent was to walk across the pedestrian bridge and get dinner in the Old Market.  We had seen signs for the Heartland of America park, but had no idea the tiny sign led to this gem.



A very appropriate choice for Memorial Day weekend.  For some reason, I think God worked this out on purpose for us.  We were both grouchy about the babysitter cancelling and we had an awesome time together as a family.


We did eventually make it to the bridge, although we didn’t walk all the way across.








Monday morning these boys let me sleep a little and then gave me some birthday cards and gifts.



We house shopped all morning and after Brendan’s nap we spontaneously decided to go fishing at the base lake.  They dug up some worms (gross!), I quickly packed some sandwiches, and we were off.



 He caught his first fish!

DSC_0262-001He touched it, it flopped around, and he told his dad, “Put it back in the water.”  


A successful four-day weekend.

This Memorial Day hit close to home for a family I know, whose youngest son was killed in Afghanistan this January.  Should you feel inclined to make a donation, here is the link to the Aaron Wittman Foundation.

Another good friend from high school lost her brother in Iraq in 2009.  A memorial fund has been set up in his honor as well, the Jeffrey A. Reed Memorial Fund.  Both provide scholarships for students.

God bless those soldiers and their families.  And God bless America.

DSC_0221-001 (2)

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