Spring: Take 2?

Wednesday afternoon I left work early to take Brendan for his four month follow-up after getting his tubes in his ears.  They look great, by the way, although we are going to have to use ear plugs when he swims this summer and I’m not too excited about that.  The last time we tried to use them and I reported to his pediatrician that he just pulls them out as soon as I put them in she told me, “Well, you just have to be more stubborn than he is.”  Clearly, she has never parented a toddler.

Anyway, the weather was gorgeous and our appointment was quick.  Dad picked up pizza for dinner so we played outside after we got home.

This is one cool dude.


He insisted that I draw him a “hot scotch” and then he asked for a train.  Once I finished this masterpiece, he declared, “It’s perfect!”  I aim to please.DSC_0042

DSC_0045-002 DSC_0046-001 DSC_0050-001The best I could do of a photo of the two of us.


This morning we got our stuff together and headed to the base lake.  Originally, the forecast said sunny and 80 degrees.  It was overcast and 60ish but we’ll take it.

DSC_0075-001 DSC_0082 DSC_0110-001DSC_0084-001

DSC_0090-001DSC_0082 DSC_0104-001 DSC_0109-001Brendan’s first fishing experience.DSC_0101-001 DSC_0098-001Between all the rocks he threw in the water, his yelling, and his feet pounding up and down the dock, it’s no surprise they didn’t catch anything. DSC_0091-001Well, except for Dad’s rag that Brendan tossed into the water. DSC_0117-001 DSC_0121-001 DSC_0114-001Happy Spring!  We hope.

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