Easter 2013

Yesterday was the best weather we have had in months, just in time for a huge Easter egg hunt!  This Easter Scramble was put on by one of the local churches.  This particular hunt was for kids 4 and under.


We all had to line up around the perimeter of this playground until everyone was inside. DSC_0478-001There should be a couple of happy grandpas and one proud uncle when they notice the outfit this kid is wearing. DSC_0484 And we couldn’t touch any of the eggs until the lady told us to.  It was torture!

DSC_0486-001He struggled with the not touching part but did really well overall.

DSC_0487 DSC_0489-001And they’re off!

DSC_0492 DSC_0495 DSC_0501Just like trick-or-treating, he wanted to stop and open each egg to see what he got. DSC_0503-001 DSC_0506There were a couple of bouncy houses.

DSC_0508-001And a cool police motorcycle.  There was even a helicopter that landed in the parking lot. DSC_0515-001 And there were fun carnival games inside!

DSC_0520The Easter Bunny hid his basket from him last night.DSC_0532  He started to get a little worried.DSC_0534-001 DSC_0535Aha!  There it is! DSC_0536-001 DSC_0537DSC_0540-001 DSC_0543-001And off we went to church to celebrate the real meaning of Easter! DSC_0549-001 DSC_0550-001

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