Easter Egg Hunt

Since the weather has been so awful, we haven’t been able to do any of the typical spring-time Easter activities.  So after a particularly rough weekend, Sunday afternoon we had an indoor egg hunt.

DSC_0413-001 DSC_0414-001

He absolutely loved it.


Even Kody helped out. DSC_0416-001 DSC_0417-001 DSC_0421-001 DSC_0424-001 DSC_0430-001

He found the “special” egg, which had M&Ms (left over from Valentine’s Day) hidden inside. DSC_0433-001 DSC_0434-001 DSC_0436-001 DSC_0437-001

Happy Easter!

And if you need some Scentsy, click here to shop at the Mystery Hostess party!  Someone who orders from this party will win the hostess credits.  Make sure to check out this month’s Warmer of the Month…it’s shaped like a watering can and is so cute!

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One Response to Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Kendall says:

    this is sooo cute! I miss you all!

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