Vacation Recap: The Second Installment

Better late than never!

One cold day we headed to Chuck E. Cheese, otherwise known as every parent’s nightmare.

DSC_0264-001He loves this place.  I hate it.

DSC_0256-001Grandma has lots of games to play.  One of his favorites is a childhood favorite of mine.  Adam, remember playing this together?  For some reason, I feel like I always lost.

DSC_0393-001DSC_0336-001  DSC_0337-002

He made some new friends while we were there.

DSC_0305-001 DSC_0292-001 DSC_0275-001 DSC_0317 DSC_0322-001DSC_0301-001

We drove up to Cincinnati to have lunch with Aunt Whitney for her birthday.  The three of us spent the morning at the Creation Museum (I forgot my camera!), and then met up with everyone for lunch.DSC_0332-003 DSC_0328-001 DSC_0325-001

On our last day we tried to find a “bouncy bounce” for this boy but everything opened at 3:00.  One place was open for 20 more minutes and since we were from out of town, they let us in for free.  They probably regretted that decision when Brendan crashed their gymnastics class.

DSC_0354-001 DSC_0355-001We decided to skip nap time altogether, since it’s vacation and all, and we went to the Sky Zone when they opened up at 3. DSC_0362I’m not really sure who had more fun. DSC_0373-002 DSC_0375-001Tom’s back hurt for 2 weeks after this. DSC_0383-001Sorry it took so long to get the second half up!

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3 Responses to Vacation Recap: The Second Installment

  1. Ken says:

    Must be hard raising two boys at once.

  2. I’ve nominated your blog for a Liebster award! Click on the link to find out more 🙂

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