Vacation Recap: The First Installment

We decided we needed to see some family, so off we went on a road trip to Grandma’s house.

DSC_0029-001Brendan made fast friends with Lyla, the Goldendoodle.

 DSC_0047-001DSC_0030-001  DSC_0048-001

And with Grandpa, who he wanted to read to him every night.  I heard that Grandpa is missing story time. DSC_0063  Most of our days were pretty cold, but there was one semi-warm day that we took advantage of.DSC_0079-002 DSC_0069

We’ve learned that our kid is pretty tough.  At the playground, we mostly just stand back and let him do his thing.  Dad was calling Grandpa a helicopter.  I think it’s sweet.


My biggest kid…. DSC_0087-001

DSC_0092-001 DSC_0105-001 DSC_0134-001 DSC_0151

After nap snuggle time.DSC_0181-001 DSC_0187

The two of us walked down to the lake to feed the ducks. DSC_0223-001

Well, mostly I fed the ducks while he played with sticks. DSC_0233-001

There were a few “firsts.”

First rib. DSC_0240-001  First ice cream sandwich, followed by another one the next morning for breakfast.  Hey, it’s vacation!DSC_0250-001

Buying a few Max & Ruby episodes on itunes = worth every penny.


Second half coming shortly!

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One Response to Vacation Recap: The First Installment

  1. Ken says:

    Looks like you all had a good time. I’ve never seen a goldendoodle before. Beautiful dog!

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